Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Primary Goals of the Project

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.”

To escalate, for present and posterity, President Washington’s final words to the American people to the highest level of national, and international, prominence.


  1. Passage of the George Washington Farewell Address Revivification and Preservation Act to establish the Formal reading of the Farewell Address before Joint Session of Congress on every 22nd of February (or following Monday) following presidential inaugurations with the President, U.S. Supreme Court justices, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, diplomats and dignitaries of foreign nations, etc. in attendance. Event to be followed up with public debate and discourse of how best to maintain His Excellency’s standards and principles at the forefront of American governance.
  2. Completion of Washington Monument National Monument in accordance with the McMillan Plan to feature select passages from the Farewell Address as well as other quotes engraved on stone panels in the colonnade for the ages. Presently, there is not a single word of the Father of Our Country at the most prominent landmark on the National Mall and Memorial Parks in our nation's capital.
  3. Formal inclusion of the Farewell Address alongside Nation’s Founding Documents in the National Archives and enhanced focus in curriculums in schools and universities throughout America.
  4. Retirement of Labor Day and, in its stead, proclaim Constitution-Citizenship Day as a national holiday during which the Farewell Address will be observed and celebrated along with the U.S. Constitution -- as the anniversaries of each are only two days apart. And that the head of every federal agency provide each employee with educational and training materials concerning the Farewell Address. After all, why should “we, the people,” toil in labor unless we are free citizens of a constitutional republic?
  5. Establish the Farewell Address as required reading with full understanding for all candidates for federal elective offices, executive, administrative, judicial, and military positions as well as applicants for U.S. Citizenship. Example: USCIS encourages “Americans to reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and what it means to be a U.S. Citizen and U.S. Senator Dennis Chavez declared in writing that; “Every citizen of the United States should consider it a duty to read Washington’s Farewell Address.Note that this sentiment is also corroborated by the 19th Sept. 1896 op-ed from Washington, DC's Evening Star which stated; That remarkable document should at all times be deeply interesting to every true American . . . It should be read and reread and thoroughly understood by every being who prides himself upon lawful possession of the title of American Citizen.”
  6. Reissue an updated version of the U.S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Commission’s The Story of the Constitution book.
  7. Public education initiative to increase demand for Farewell Address in stores at government buildings, national parks, monuments, etc.
  8. Establishment of Farewell Address exhibits at the White House, National Archives, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, Independence Hall, Valley Forge, Federal Hall, U.S. Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Mount Vernon, and other similar venues.
  9. Enhancement of Farewell Address exhibits at the Smithsonian, National Constitution Center, and  New York Public Library (e.g. Hamilton)
  10. Translations of the Farewell Address into the languages of all nations. Example:

(the Deutschlanders may have gotten the date wrong - at least their spirit was in the right place)

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