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RE: Farewell Addresses of Presidents George Washington and Andrew Jackson

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In my ongoing efforts in furtherance of my George Washington Farewell Address Revivification & Preservation Project, I have discovered that in your “Little Book of Wisdom” of it, it erroneously states that it was “delivered to assembled Members of Congress” on September 17, 1796.

As a matter of fact, it was not until two days later, the 19th, when His Excellency, The Most Honorable George Washington, affixed his signature to the most important document to have ever come from his hand. It was then delivered to Claypoole’s American Daily Advertiser and was quickly passed on to other papers for publication and distribution.

The confusion between the dates of the Constitution and Washington’s Farewell is commonplace for, years ago, I discovered that the U.S. Senate had the date wrong as well as errors in the text -- as I have discovered in your version -- for, in yours, the salutation is missing the word FELLOW.

I am about to wrap up my tour of Government Buildings, National Monuments, and historic sites at which most of your other books in your series of important American historical writings are available in varying combinations.

In the course of my research, I discovered the farewell of President Jackson in which he recognized the greatness of President Washington’s final words to the American people. The eloquence and magnitude of his words are of equal greatness and are more than worthy of inclusion of your presidential series of books and should, like President Washington’s be available for sale at those places.

Understandably, there is probably no demand for President Jackson’s farewell but I have no less zeal for escalating it to the highest level of national prominence than I do for President Washington’s. I trust you agree.

If you scroll through my blog, you will find my Open Letter to President-elect Trump in which I present my case. I hope to hear from someone from your office soon. Thank you.

William P. Perry
Founder and Director
George Washington Farewell Address Revivification & Preservation Project

Excerpt from President Jackson’s farewell;

“The lessons contained in this invaluable legacy of Washington to his countrymen should be cherished in the heart of every citizen to the latest generation; and perhaps at no period of time could they be more usefully remembered than at the present moment; for when we look upon the scenes that are passing around us and dwell upon the pages of his parting address, his paternal counsels would seem to be not merely the offspring of wisdom and foresight, but the voice of prophecy, foretelling events and warning us of the evil to come.”

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