Monday, November 21, 2016

Lansdowne Portrait

The Lansdowne Portrait is one of our nation's greatest national treasures -- for it provides us with a visualization of His Excellency delivering his written national treasure to the American people. A visit to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery online exhibit has all the details.

Select: Launch the Interactive Portrait (popup flash window will open else use NON-FLASH LINK) >

Explore the Interactive Portrait >  SYMBOLIC > Item 1: Gesture and Figure (Scroll for more info as related to farewell)
Some think that Washington is pointing towards the future, foreseeing bright prospects for his nation. Others believe that Washington is saying farewell.
What do you think? I think he was certainly bidding farewell since he was wholly committed to living the rest of his days as a private citizen of his infant republic but, as far as bright prospects for his nation.... NOT HAPPENING -- at least not until American statesmen FREQUENTLY RECUR TO THE PRECEPTS CONTAINED THEREIN!

Per the Honorable John Marshall, 4th Chief Justice of the United States:

This interesting paper contains precepts to which the American statesman cannot too frequently recur.

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