Wednesday, May 6, 2015

On 19th September 1796

The cause of America is in a great measure the cause of all mankind.”

George Washington didn't even want to serve one term. They practically had to twist his arm to get him to serve a second. When he put on paper that there was no way he was going to be a candidate for a third, it was really important stuff -- AND I MEAN REALLY IMPORTANT!
On 19th September 1796, His Excellency; The Most Honorable George Washington warned ``Us, the People," that:
REPEAT, just want to be sure you get this right;


On 19 September 1996, the bicentennial anniversary of President Washington’s Farewell Address, there was not so much as a peep in any of the major metropolitan newspapers of the United States as compared to 1896 — nor was there so much as a single firecracker detonated at a celebratory gathering at the Washington Monument in our nation's capital which, ironically, is named Washington.
Adding to that irony, on that very same day, The Washington Post ran a feature article in the Home section about the construction of a replica barn at Mount Vernon. Now, I didn't know George Washington personally but, I can assure you --at the 200 year mark no less-- he would much rather have the American people recognizing his Final words to them  **for all time** on how to conduct the affairs of government instead of a barn. His own words:
This contrasts sharply with 1896, when The Washington Post dedicated several columns to the Farewell Address. Many other newspapers all across the US also reported on the centenary as well. THIS one merits the GOLD MEDAL for it is what can most accurately be described as "proper and dignified observation" commensurate with its importance! I get goosebumps and my neck-hairs stand at attention EVERY time I look at it! In that era, The Evening Star was the predominant newspaper in our nation's capital. Among that day's editorial highlights (see Column I):
``That remarkable document should at all times be deeply interesting to every true American....
``There is so much of sound and pertinent advice in the Farewell Address that, in making extracts therefrom, one is embarrassed by excess of riches. It is a coherent and logical and heart-touching petition for the growth and nourishment of the most unselfish patriotism; IT SHOULD BE READ AND REREAD AND THOROUGHLY UNDERSTOOD BY EVERY BEING WHO PRIDES HIMSELF UPON LAWFUL POSSESSION OF TITLE OF AMERICAN CITIZEN*."
(* emphasis added -- not to mention ``it should be read and reread and thoroughly understood by every being" who aspires to hold a position for which they will STAND BEFORE THE AMERICAN FLAG AND SWEAR AN OATH TO THE PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTION!)

And to think, The sad reality is, is we have had presidents and a majority in Congress who probably think George Washington's Farewell Address was a place where postal letter-carriers delivered his mail -- else some outdated, useless antiquity that has no relevance in modern-day affairs. It is the contention of this writer that Mr. Trump is more concerned about feeding his obese ego and rewarding his cronies with powerful cabinet positions than championing the principles of any important figures in American history.

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