Thursday, September 19, 2013


HAPPY GEORGE WASHINGTON FAREWELL ADDRESS DAY, my fellow-citizens. Really SUCKS our government isn't lighting off fireworks at the Washington Monument National Monument, eh? What does THAT tell you?

Tells me that "cunning, ambitious, and unprincipledpoliticians who pose before the Colors of the United States of America inside ornate buildings in the District of Columbia are about as familiar with President Washington's final words to the American people as I am with quantum physics and how the alignment of planet Neptune's moons with those Jupiter have an effect on solar radiation upon the surface of Mercury in conjunction with intergalactic ionization from the nebula cloud in the constellation Romanus.

Click here for information on an honorable American

And here for a serious lapse in our national conscience

But not quite like this. One would think that something as important as this they would have the proper date on it ESPECIALLY since the issue was reported by the preeminent newspaper in our nation's capital the very year the Senate readings became an annual event. And for the State Department to have it wrong is an utter embarrassment! I can understand the Germans making the mistake --BUT AT LEAST THEY HAD IT TRANSLATED-- but our own department that represents our nation to the rest of the world? Really now!

But what to expect for a country and government that on the Bicentennial didn't so much as acknowledge its existence?

In comparison to TRUE Americans one century before

... true, blue Americans one hundred years before

and I am not about to put this on the back-burner, so sorry if I ruined your day but, if you have no respect and reverence for His Excellency: The Most Honorable George Washington then, quite frankly, you really have no right to be a United States Citizen.

If you feel Mr. Barack Hussein Obama has the interests of the people of the United States of America in his heart and soul, I have a special treat for you here (**WARNING: do not click if you are offended by vulgarity** flies swarming in... shtankaaay... Pfhew! Somebody open window!)

Accordingly, if you believe the "BARACK OBAMA: HOPE AND CHANGE" slogan or the drivel that the Republican nominees for president have been spewing after having thrown Ron Paul under the bus then you may be interested in buying one of the two bridges I have for sale.

One connects the cities of Oakland and San Francisco.

The other, the island of Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Buy both and get 20% discount

** order within the next 15 minutes you get the bridge that connects Arlington National Cemetery with the District of Columbia at NO additional charge - it may not generate toll revenue but it does have a lot of prestige!

Operators are standing by. PayPal accepted

Your humble advocate for our #1 Founding Father — in Washington, DC.

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